Are You A Question Or A Statement?

My question to you today is, are you a question or a statement? I’ll explain further, but first I want you to take a few minutes and really think about this question…

Ok, now lets dig deeper…In Genesis 3:1 satan asked the first question,  “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” This question was asked for one reason only…To create doubt and question God’s authority, which ultimately leads to double mindedness. The technical definition for doubt is; To be undecided or skeptical about, To tend to disbelieve; distrust, To regard as unlikely. As you can see, doubt is completely contrary to FAITH. Faith is the foundation of your spiritual journey. So I ask again, are you a question or a statement?

We have all found ourselves in a situation where we question who we are or the situation that we are in…

Why did God make me this way?
Why am I in this situation?
Why is God not answering me?
Will I ever be happy?
Will I ever have peace?
Will God ever heal me?

These are all doubtful questions! We are to be a statement! Meaning, we are to state who we are in Christ. We are to state and stand on His promises and believe. “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.” ( 2 Corinthians 1:20)

So from now on STATE…

Jesus is the answer to my question!
Jesus is the solution to my problem!
God loves me!
I am blessed!
God created me in His image!
By His stripes I am healed!
I have peace in Jesus Christ!
God will answer me in His time!
No weapon formed against me shall prosper!
This battle is not mine, it’s The Lords!

There are many people lacking direction in their life because they have moved into the question side of themselves instead of the statement side of themselves which is the word of God. You will never go further in God until you see yourself the way God sees you.

Believe it or not, sometimes the devil will use other people to create doubt. Has someone ever asked you a question or made a statement that caused you to question yourself? or worse, created fear? For example…

It’s not necessary to go to church every Sunday…
Are you sure this is what God wants for you?
Do you really drive that far just to go to church?
You will never finish that…
Are you sure your husband is where he says he is?
I don’t think they appreciate you at work?
I don’t think you will be good at that..

Remember, The Devil will always try to uproot and substitute!

So, are you a question or a statement?

I pray that you are “fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.” (Romans 4:21) In Jesus name I pray. Amen and Amen. God bless you!

Pastor Peter Okereke Jr.

About thelivingwordministries

The senior pastor and overseer of The Living Word Ministries Evanston, IL since 2010, the author of 'Living Victoriously' by Author-house publishers. My passion is present and lead others into Pure Praise, Pure Worship and Pure Word. This means that at our Church, the integrity of the Gospel is held to the letters, just as Jesus Christ preached and lived it. Come and join us, and God will surely Bless you mighty!
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2 Responses to Are You A Question Or A Statement?

  1. This is an excellent post, my friend. I really enjoyed reading it. I especially like the phrase, “Uproot and substitute”.

    Thanks so much for sharing. God blesses.

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